PCI Services

PCI Nylon's work encompasses both multi-client and single-client studies. Multi-client work is aimed at supporting market understanding across the entire industry by aggregating market information and analysis throughout the polyamide chain. These studies include supply / demand analyses, regular industry and market news reports and specific studies covering particular aspects of the industry which are of broad interest to many in the industry. PCI Nylon specialises in cost benchmarking and analysis which is provided in order for industry participants to ensure they understand their relative position in a constantly changing market.

PCI Nylon also assists clients with proprietary special studies where a particular element of the market is of interest or the impact of a potential strategy requires to be evaluated. This work extends from targeted market assessments to M&A support, product development, competitive analysis, assistance with marketing and strategic plans, project evaluation and scenario planning. All of these work streams are grounded in a deep understanding of all aspects of the nylon industry and are tailored specifically for a client’s individual needs.